Friday, December 14, 2007

CHALLENGE: Series challenge

Kathrin is hosting a series challenge that I have no business looking at. Except. I started a few new series this year, and they never seem to fit any particular challenge, and I really want to read them. For example, even with a list of books I want to finish this month that is longer than I will ever be able to do, instead of picking up one of them, I got Shakespeare's Christmas from the library because I love Lily Bard and her grumpy dysfunctional life and I want to read about. Especially after Lolita. That is what this challenge is about: finishing series you've started, and Kathrin says there are no particular amount of books to chose, just read for 6 months and finish the series you want to. This runs from December1, 2007 til May 31, 2008.

I have no idea how many I can read, here's my list of series I still want to finish:

Charlaine Harris' Lily Bard series FINISHED
  • Shakespeare's Christmas - done Dec
  • Shakespeare's Trollop - done Jan
  • Shakespeare's Counselor - done Feb 9

Miss Julia by Ann B Ross

  • Miss Julia Takes Over done Mar 28
  • Miss Julia Throws a Wedding
  • Miss Julia Hits the Road
  • Miss Julia Meets Her Match
  • Miss Julia's School of Beauty
  • Miss Julia Stands Her Ground

the Gardella Vampire Chronicles by Colleen Gleason, book 3 The Bleeding Dusk FINISHED Mar 21

Scott Westerfield's dystopian Pretties, Specials, that follow Uglies

Shopaholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella Mar 12 FINISHED

Andrea Camilleri's Detective Montalbano's mysteries:

  • Terra Cotta Dog done March 10
  • The Snack Thief
  • The Smell of the Night
Megan McCaffery's teen series:

  • Charmed Thirds
  • Fourth Comings

Stephanie Plum: I've only read One for the Money, I might try some more

Alexander McCall Smith

  • No 1 Ladies Deterctive series, books 4 - 9
  • - #4. The Kalahari Typing School for Men done May 24/08
  • Sunday Philosophy Club series

Crap. I didn't realize I had so many ongoing series. I reserve the right to change this, or bail at will.

Following the excellent lead of booklogged and alisonwonderland, I made a blog of series that I've started and could possibly finish, over here.


  1. Yay! You're joining in on the fun! I wasn't brave enough to make a list of all the series I will complete for the challenge because I have so many going. Any progress is good, I figure. :-)

  2. wendy - I don't imagine I'll finish all of these series! It's more my list to check on and see what series I want to read. It's a start.
    I'm glad you posted this week; it reminded me about joining in on the fun. It will make me read more mysteries too.

  3. Holy Cow ~ you are going to be one reading fool! I enjoyed your review on Shakespeare's Christmas. Another one I haven't heard of but will pick up if I see it somewhere. I'm ready for January so that I can dig into all of my 2008 challenges...

  4. I need to do this but I just got my list of books together for the Every Month is a Holiday Challenge.

  5. we've got some series in common - and you've got some that i'm not familiar with. i just put the Lily Bard series on my to-read list. (like i need another series to keep with!)

  6. This is a fun challenge and I hope to finish my 8 books in the time allotted. I haven't yet read any Charlaine Harris, Scott Westerfield or Colleen Gleason but I do plan on doing so soon.


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