Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ETC: Snow Day!

Prince Edward Island is pretty much shut down today. Woo hoo!It's the best snow day of all, because it is not just the schools that are closed, but the government offices, even the liquor stores! I sent my daughter out with the camera, because she was playing outside and she loves to take pictures - she's 7. All pictures by Rachel.

So what will get accomplished on this free day? I have a whole list of things that I'd love to get done, but seeings how it is already 11 AM and I just got dressed, I may be a little too ambitious in my head.

  • correct 64 sets of physics labs
  • read Lolita - I have 100 80 pages left
  • make some Christmas cookies or squares
  • read the Christmas Advent Blog Tour
  • make a real supper

I looks like a Mario Kart tournnament is beginning in the basement, so it is more peaceful here in the living room.

*must start correcting!*

.....but before I begin, I'll just read a few pages of my book, or maybe I'll start The Cricket on the Hearth for the Christmas Book Challenge - it is a free day after all, and we are not going anywhere.

Happy Snow Day Everyone!


  1. I just love snow days. Great pics, Rachel.

    Hope you all have a fun day! (Grading can wait. . . )

  2. Happy Snow Day. I'm very jealous.

  3. What fun! What luxury! It's almost as good as finding money in your pocket!

  4. It's been a long time since I've seen snow like that!

  5. Great pics!

    I had a busy snow day myself.

  6. Can you believe I'm in the Arctic and I'm envious of your blizzard. We had one blizzard so far and we missed it because we were in Yellowknife. Oh well.

  7. Wow, how utterly cool. I haven't seen snow like that in many years!! Great photos - please tell Rachel they were wonderful.

  8. Hi y'all
    It was a great day, and there really wasn't that much snow; on PEI, it's the wind. It blows the snow around, and blew down power lines. For most of the day, there was no visibility. Lots of people had no power, but we were lucky.
    We don't usually get snow this early in the year either.

    And john, I'm sure you'll get your fair share of blizzards before the year is out.

  9. That snow looks so cold! Haha I think I'll stick to my nice and warm sunny day. :-)

    Even if my part of the country got snow, I would still have to work, regardless. :-(

  10. Lucky you! We got 25 cm here in Ottawa, but not enough to shut everything - just the buses for schools were shut down. It was a record snowfall for that day - Dec 3 - for us. I'll have to take some pictures and put them up on my blog, especially the snowbanks the buses stop at and expect us to climb through to get to the sidewalk! I was hoping for a snow day, but no such luck. Just lots to shovel!

  11. I found you via the Canadian Book Challenge. Lucky you to live on Prince Edward Island. My family visited four different times when the kids were young and we all loved it. My boy was sure he would go to PEI University when he grew up, but he didn't. I was a bit surprised to see December 30 as the date at the top of the blog. Also, is something supposed to happen when I click the Advent calendar? Your Rachel took great pictures! I'll be back to visit again.

  12. wendy - that would be one downfall of working from home. The RCMP were advising people to stay off the roads, so everything has to shut down.

    susan - Lot's of times we get snow and it doens't shut down. There are still big areas with no power, so many poles were nknocked down, and they dont' expect to have it all back until Sat/Sun

    nan - welcome! I probably don't have a link to the Advent Blog, but I'm hosting on the 9th.
    re: Dec 30th, I just like to have a welcome at the top of my blog, so I made a sticky post, and leave it there. Have you been to PEI recently?


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