Saturday, December 1, 2007

UPDATE: November Reads

November was my slowest reading month this year, with only 7 books completed. Midterm exams took their toll on prime reading time. I imagine December will slow as well, what with shopping and wrapping and Christmas baking. But all in all, I've read so much more this year that I can't believe that I'd consider seven books a slow month.

Canadian Book Challenge - 2, puts me at 4/13
Books to Movies Challenge - 2 and done.
nyt notable books challenge - 1 (I'm doing extra credit now)
2nds challenge - 1/3 (I'm worried about this challenge)

best reads - a boy of good breeding, Hockey Dreams

123. Irish Stories for Christmas - John B Keane
122. The Hours - Michael Cunningham
121. One Good Turn - Kate Atkinson
120. Monkfish Moon - Romesh Gunesekera
119. Gods & Monsters - Christopher Bram
118. Hockey Dreams - David Adams Richards
117. a boy of good breeding - Miriam Toews

Challenges left for 2008 2007:oops!
2nds Challenge: 2/3 looks tricky, but The Plague is short and Mercy would be fast.
Something About Me: reading Lolita now to finish up
50_books top 20: Lolita and A Prayer for Owen Meany, with no intention of reading LoTR
NYT Notable Books: I read the 6 I said I would, but I have 2 more that I bought that I'd like to finish this year before the next one starts: Lisey's Story and Special Topics in Calamity Physics
Christmas challenge: read 1/2, should be easy to finish
A - Z book: I read all but X, so am considering this done
A - Z author: I still have Q, U, and Y. If I consider 25 to be completed, I might be able to squeak this one out.


  1. I think you mean challenges left for 2007. :)

    For some reason, these posts, my own and other people's, at the end of hte month are my favorite! I love seeing how much everyone read, getting to click reviews I missed, etc.

    Don't feel bck about your 7 books, I had a lower month when the school year started. AND I was reading the gigantic Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

    The A to Z challenge looks fun. Do you know if it'll happen again for 2008?

  2. dewey: thanks, I fixed it.
    Jon Stange and Mr Norrell scared me when I saw how big it was! good for you.
    The A - Z? It wasn't an official challenge anywhere, but I think Joy started it. It's more of a personal challenge; that's why I made my own rule and said if I did 25/26 I would feel completed. It was fun to do.


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