Friday, December 28, 2007

CHALLENGES: 2007 Update

I want to make a list of all the challenges I completed this year. How lucky that I started doing challenges in January of 2007, it feels more complete that way. These challenges are what got me into blogging, so my blog started sometime after the first challenge. Both the challenge and wrap ups have links to reviews of any books.

1. Winter Classics
2. chunkster challenge wrap up posted here
3. banned book challenge
4. spring reading challenge wrap up posted here
5. once upon a time challenge wrap up posted here
6. summer reading challenge round 2 wrap up posted here
7. southern reading challenge wrap up posted here
8. summer mystery reading challenge wrap up posted here
9. non-fiction five wrap up posted here
10. classic challenge (summer) wrap up posted here
11. dystopian challenge wrap up posted here
12. RIP II Sept - Oct 31 2007 wrap up posted here
13. 15 books / 15 decades challenge all year 2007
14. books to movies challenge wrap up posted here
15. something about me challenge wrap up posted here
16. Christmas Book Challenge wrap up posted here
17. 2nds Challenge wrap up posted here
18. NYT notable books 2006 challenge wrap up posted here
19. 50_books top 20

20. A - Z Author and Book challenge: DNF, stupid U and Y authors and X books!

Favorite Books in a Challenge: I liked reading the RIP II challenge books best; they are my favorite genre, and Carl hosts a hell of a challenge, lots of prizes and mini challenges within the big one challenge. Two books here made my top ten reads of the year.

Biggest Challenge: the Chunkster is always going to be the hardest, because the books are the biggest.

Best Discovery Challenge: the Dystopian genre was one I didn't even know existed, and then I discovered some simply wonderful books. I kept adding boks to my list, and read more than I expected. I wouldn now say I like dystopian books.

Best Challenge: the Something About Me was the best TBR generator I've ever seen, with so many wonderful participants that I got to know, because of the books they chose. It was a genius idea and executed wonderfully as well.


  1. Great job! :)

    I used Updike for the U Author and Yarbrough for the Y Author. I skipped out on the X Title, too.

    I'm thinking about doing a personal A ~ Z Challenge again this year. I loved it when I did it first time. I already know many of the books I'm going to be reading, so it'll be easier this time around. I'm still in the thinking phase, though.

  2. You kicked some major challenge butt this year. I only finished four, but I was a late bloomer, only discovering challenges in June or so. At least that's the excuse I am using.... =) Good luck in 2008!

    I hope they host the dystopian challenge in 2008 - I would like to participate in that one.

    All the best,

  3. I will be doing something similar in order to create an easy archive file. I like how you did a best of challenges list too! I hadn't thought of that.

    You really did clean up with challenges this year! Great job!

  4. joy - it was fun to try and alphabetize the reading, but I shouldn't have left some of hte hard letters til the end. I'll try again.

    jill - thanks, the dystopian was great. 4 is a great start, and I was a little crazy. I thought I'd be more careful next year, but apparently not, as I'm signing up all over the place.

    wendy - thanks. There were so many challenges, I had to rank them too. I was on a roll.

  5. Wow, congratulations! That is quite a list of challenges.

    I missed out on the dystopian challenge but love the genre too.

  6. Wow thats a lot of challenges go you! My favourite was Once Upon a Time as I love Fantasy, Fairy Tale and Mythology type books. I also really enjoyed the Something About Me Challenge and I read A Short History of Nearly Everyhing which you put forward so thanks!

  7. Thanks for all the work you did with the Southern Reading Challenge! :D


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