Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, where are you?

It's no April Fools today:

I've just washed up on the shore of Newfoundland after the dreadful sinking of the Titantic. There seems to be some mystery about Aurora, but as usual, the setting of Newfoudland is dominant. There have been no sightings of Leonardo diCaprio, but I'll keep reading Latitudes of Melt by Joan Clark.

Where is reading taking you today?


  1. Commuting between Hawaii and Regency England. I'm visiting poor, misused Fanny Price (Mansfield Park). (Psst. I'm having a contest on my blog.)

  2. I'm in Yorkshire England with Inspector Lynley and Detective Sergeant Havers. I'm wondering how these multiple storylines in A Great Deliverance by Margaret George are going to connect and intersect because I know they will.

  3. I am also with Lynley and Havers! But we have traveled over to Strathclyde, Scotland and a manor house turned hotel. There is a London theatre company staying here and just this morning the playwright was found dead in bed!

  4. I hope you enjoy Latitudes of Melt, Raidergirl3. I liked it a lot.

    How funny that both SuziQ and Nicola are reading the same book!

    I'm in the Welsh countryside in a little village called Hay-on-Wye - just moving into an apartment above one of the many bookstores. (Sixpence House)

    Also in London with Maisie Dobbs and Billy trying to determine if what the police claim is a suicide is really murder.

    I'm also in Nova Scotia with Anne of the Island and in Mississippi with Sarah Booth Delaney trying to solve the murder of a night club owner.

    I've developed a rather bad habit of reading too many books at the same time - It has to stop! I almost started Maurice and his Amazing Rodents last night, but slammed it shut on the 3 page and said, "NO! Not til you finish something else first!" I was proud of myself.

  5. chris - I watched Mansfield Park on PBS. Still in Hawaii, eh?

    suziq - I love Lynley and Havers. I have one on my bedside for the last 2 years that I haven't gotten to. I find them long to read, but so excellent.

    nicola - two of you! I really should try to get to that book - I think I have With No one as a Witness or something like that. Excellent mysteries.

    booklogged - You are quite the world traveller this week. I read a few books at the same time sometimes, but then one book takes over and I have to finish it. I'd like to try a Maisie Dobbs book.
    Oh, Anne of the Island! Such a great ending.
    Thanks for stopping by, happy reading!

  6. I'm in a small town in North Dakota getting acquainted with the abandoned Adares and the people they know in The Beet Queen, and it's freshman year of high school and everybody hates me in Speak.

  7. To LA with a grief-stricken girl (One of those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies) and to a vampire-themed restaurant/site of a grisly murder in an Austin, TX that seems to be populated by vamps and shape-shifters (Tantalize).

    (And hooray for wonderful Anne!)

  8. I'm now in Ethiopia with the Sudanese "Lost Boys" with the occasional "flash forward" to Atlanta, Georgia, where Achak is now trying to build a life.

    I'm also in England...slightly restless in my staid vet practice. I want so much to break into Exotic Animal Medicine

    What Is The What by Dave Eggers
    Is There A Doctor In The Zoo? Peter Taylor

  9. I am in Newford USA for some of the time, and in the fantasy world the rest of the time (both worlds in Charles De Lint's The Onion Girl) and the rest of the time I am in Regency England (Jo Goodman's One Forbidden Evening).

  10. megan - Speak was really good. Your other book is intriguing.

    tll - You and your vampires. There are some catchy titles in YA literature.

    bybee - two new titles for me. Teh vet one would be neat, especially to compare to Herriot.

    marg - The Onion Girl? I haven't read any deLint, but I've been hearing about him everywhere in the Once Upon a Time

  11. I know it's not Tuesday, I'm always a bit late, but I've been hanging out in San Fransisco the last couple of days with the Mistress of the Spices. We've been handing out special spices to make our customers lives just a little bit better. I feel a hint of forbidden romance in the air...


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