Friday, April 18, 2008

CHALLENGE: The Eponymous Challenge


I finished this one a while ago and it was surprisingly easy to do. I must be drawn to those title of books, or there are a lot of them. The goal was to read 4 books between March 1 and May 31st.

The Life and Times of Michael K - JM Coetzee
Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist - Rachel Cohn [hmm, this looks like a possessive use of name, not the eponymous-ness required of the challenge. I'll find another book to use instead]
Maniac Magee - Jerry Spinelli
Miss Julia Takes Over - Ann B Ross
Zel - Donna Jo Napoli

Best book: Maniac Magee, and Zel , both young adult books
bleh: The Life and Times of Michael K

Thanks coversgirl for hosting with a great idea! I love that word, eponymous.

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  1. It's so satisfying to finish up a challenge. Good for you, Raidergirl3.


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