Wednesday, April 9, 2008

FUN STUFF: guessing games

A few months ago, somebody linked to this site where you guess the countries in Asia, or the 50 states. My husband and I had fun comparing results and trying again. Recently, a science teacher at school sent me a link to the same site, but this time it was filling in the elements of the periodic table. Too much fun!! Seriously, I like that kind of stuff.

There is quite a competitive streak in our family, so we spent all weekend playing these games, but there have been so many new ones added: NHL teams, MLB teams and NFL teams for the sports fans; Europe, Africa, North America countries for the geography buffs; entertainment stuff like Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp movies.

And now, for your reading pleasure: tonight I found Books!
Name all Stephen King books, Jane Austen books, Charles Dickens books.

Sorry, I'll understand if I don't hear from you in a while.


  1. LOL, now this is addictive. I missed five of the original LOST cast (I forgot about Shannon and Bourne and Michael, Walt and their dog). But I did get all 50 states lickety split. I started the Harrison Ford movies, but I am terrible with movie titles. Lots of fun!

  2. jill - I thought the dog was unfair as a cast member. I missed Shannon and Boone too, and couldnt' remember Claire's name - it wouldn't take 'that blond girl who had the baby and loved Charlie'. But yes, so much fun! I got 45 states which was pretty excellent for me. I also got all the ingredients in a long island iced tea!

  3. It's a gold mine! I'm going to be spending a lot of time there. I know you are a big trivia buff so I can only imagine how much you're loving it. Because I'm loving it, too.

  4. booklogged - glad you are enjoying it. Does Candleman enjoy competing in trivia as well? Ron and I had competitions - who could get the most elements/countries, etc. He always beats me, except I did better on Stephen King books!

  5. Holy smokes, I've been through all the ones there I can possibly do. Now they need more categories!!!

  6. john - it's been a pretty active site recently, every time I go there a few more games are added, plus I know my elements better, so I try it again.


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