Tuesday, April 8, 2008

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, where are you?

I am in the land of Faerie where Tristan Thorn is trying to capture of falling star. Neil Gaiman can imagine the most amazing worlds. I also just landed in a Morocco prison cell, which is in fact maybe just a hole in the ground. This Blinding Absence of Light may be a very difficult read. While not a true story, this is based on true accounts and will give a harrowing account of prisoner's of war.
So, two extremes for me. Are you visiting Once Upon a Time land, those magical made up worlds, where anything can and will happen? Or are you real life, seeing the best and worst that mankind has? Fiction or nonfiction? Where is reading taking you today?


  1. I'm going crazy 'cause I'm sort of between books right now... so I don't know where I am! Actually, I'm STILL in Ireland at Quentins... and STILL in Russia fighting a war... on going forever that one will be. But soon, I'll be joining you in Fairie land, because I think I'm going to take Stardust with me on vacation this weekend. Yeah!

  2. I'm in St. Petersburg in the 1890's observing a fascinating relationship between two men. One of whom is the widower of a woman who died a few months ago, and the other is her former lover. Are these men friends, rivals, enemies? Does the widower know about the affair or not? It's hard to tell how this one (The Eternal Husband) will turn out.

    It's one of a 4 stories by Fyodor Dostoevsky translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky in "The Eternal Husband and other stories" The other three are short stories, but this one is more of a novella.

  3. I am in Wales searching for a document that could prove that King Arthur was real with The Arthurian Omen (an ARC I received recently).

    I'm also in the Chinese village of Shegu around the year 1902 with my 7yo as we visit Little Pear in the last book of the series called "More About Little Pear".

  4. I feel like I'm in an episode of Lost. I'm still on that island (Hawaii). Just a couple more weeks and then it's done for bookclub.

  5. Ah, I'd run off on a Tristran Thorn adventure anytime! Sounds like you are enjoying it. I am off exploring the town of Newford from Charles de Lint's world right now. Good stuff!!!

  6. I just arrived in St John's, Newfoundland. From the size of the book (Colony of Unrequited Dreams) I'm going to be there for weeks.

  7. suey - The food must be good at Quentins to stay so long. I think you'll like Stardust, but it's just OK for me.

    suziq - I've never read any Dostoevsky, and this one sounds good, rather intriguing.

    nicola - I haven't heard of the Little Pear books. King Arthur legends - Fiction or nonfiction?

  8. chris - you can do it, you can do it,...

    carl v - Stardust is good, but I'm learning that fantasy isn't my favorite genre. OK for a change. I haven't read deLint before, but I see his name everywhere.

    booklogged - You are tackling some big books this year. Jon Strange and Mr Norvell completely intimidates me, so I am very impressed that you read it. I know John Mutford really liked the Unrequited Dreams book, but I haven't read it (yet)

  9. I am in the War Rooms in London mostly, reading Never Surrender (a novel about Winston Churchill.

    I just left Newford, having just finished The Onion Girl by Charles de Lint.

  10. Ohhh, I'd love to read Stardust!! I'm in Toronto right now [The Robber Bride]. Atwood has such a cold portrayal of the city.

    I love this post idea, by the way!

  11. marg - Did you run into Carl V? He's in Newford too!

    trish - I'm having fun with this post too. It's great having so many people playing.
    I haven't read that Atwood, but I find she's a bit detached in all her portrayals.

  12. Great blog! I loved This Blinding Absence of Light (I lived in Morocco and read it while there, but in English).

    And I'm currently reading - FINALLY - The Alchemist


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