Monday, April 28, 2008

WEEKLY GEEKS: Discover New Blogs (Week #1)

The goal of Weekly Geeks this week is to visit 5 new blogs. I decided to do a blog here, a blog there. Here's where I visited:

tanabata: Not completely new, as I've seen her here and there, but I haven't read her blog reliably. She recently did a post about funny signs, mostly funny because of some wonky English/Japanese translations.

mariel : She's slogging through The Clan of the Cave Bear, and facing that dilemma of how long to read a book that you aren't loving. She works at sea which is very interesting.

book chronicle or adventures in reading: I looked at this blog since we practically have the same name for our blogs, and found the cutest little bookworm on her page. Looks like a great site for information and articles on short stories, and I'll watch for book chronicle at the short story challenge. Nice art pictures of women reading.

florinda at 3R's: fun place! lots of quizzes, and memes, and she seems quite computer literate, I might learn a few things if I hang out over there. I really like her about me statement: I'm probably too old for this blogging thing but here I am anyway! I work with numbers but I love words. That could describe me as well.

janicu: a book blogger at lj. There were so many book reviews there, and I none were familiar to me at all! There are so many books, and genres in the world, I am continually surprised.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. This weekly geeks thing is off to a flying start with so many people getting excited. Isn't Dewey great to organize us?

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  1. Hi! I didn't realize you linked me when you commented (Duh, I'm so slow in the morning). Thanks!


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