Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, where are you?

It's great to see some new people here sharing their reading. Real life is interfering with my reading, and I'm a bit cranky about it. I feel like I am still reading the same books this week that I was reading last week, although I finished a different one in the middle. I'm still in Africa, learning about AIDS and in that country of men, which is actually Libya. Certainly, Africa is a newer experience for me. I also just joined the Jane Austen Book Club, and it is a lot of fun! Other than in movies, this is how I like my Austen, - reading about other people reading it.

Where is reading taking you today?


  1. Ooh, I'm first this week! :-) I alternate between spending time in the southern US getting to know Scout Finch and her family (I just started) and watching Harry Potter get ready for the last of his adventures.

    Life has been getting in the way of my reading too, I suppose the only thing to do is to press on - here's to a more productive week! ;-)

  2. I'm in Regency England and Scotland reading the letters of some rather catty women (Lesley Castle- Jane Austen).

  3. joanna - yeah! To Kill a Mockingbird is one of those great classics that are actually really good to read. Enjoy, and get some kleenex handy.

    chris - Jane Austen is everywhere. Enjoy your day, and hopefully, no more snow!

  4. I'm hanging out with a foul-mouthed child soldier in Africa (Allah Is Not Obliged by Ahmadou Kourouma).

    Have a good week!

  5. I'm in New York in 2059 watching Eve Dallas getting close to springing her trap and catching a killer who has been meeting women via cyberdating and then killing them with overdoses of illegal drugs. (Seduction in Death)

  6. I am currently traveling across the desert of Arizona as I hope to meet up with a friend who I'm very concerned about. But this world is not the world we are familiar with.... in this world, most of the humans have been taken over by alien "souls"... and I so hope they haven't gotten to my friend yet... like they've gotten to me! (The Host by Stephenie Meyer... wow... this makes me realize how I've already totally become this character!)

  7. I'm on an island just off from Britain, in the 1800s. (Long Fatal Love Chase)

  8. I'm not sure where I am yet! Last night I finished Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination, so I was bouncing around between London, Miami, Los Angeles, Honduras, back to London, Port Sudan, back to Los Angeles, and finally on to Maui. Whew!

    I have just read a few pages into Salman Rushdie's The Enchantress of Florence and I'm not sure where it is that I am supposed to be (not Florence yet), so I'll just say that I am wallowing in a field of beautiful words.

  9. lezlie - We'll have to go on safari together after reading our books.

    suziq - sounds good. Is that a JD Robb book? It sounds like her titles.

    suey - I haven't read any Meyer books yet. I am one of the few, I know.

    john - I seldom recognize your books. Sounds interesting.

    terri b - Olivia Joules to Salman Rushie? that's quite a jump in style and literary content. Was Joules as good as Bridget Jones? I've looked at that book many times, but never picked it up.

  10. It's my first time playing along!

    I'm in a remote seaside village in the UK, watching the self-righteous retired playwright Charles Arrowby chase after his childhood love. (The Sea, the Sea by Iris Murdoch)

  11. Not too far from here - Nashville, TN.

  12. nyssaneala - that's one I'd like to read. I tend to like the Booker winners. thanks for playing and welcome

    j oldner - Tennessee sounds like a great place to be - I bet it's warmer than it is here in PEI.

  13. Yes - it's a J.D. Robb book (#13 in the Eve Dallas series)

    I finished it at lunch today so now I'm in a private school in New York writing all my observations in my notebook. (Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh)

    This is my first double location Tuesday :-)

  14. Yeah. I read all over the map! It is quite a leap from Olivia Joules to Salman Rushdie. The only reason I read Olivia Joules was for bookclub. It is pretty much James Bond meets Nancy Drew and would make an entertaining beach read. It's not as good as her Bridget Jones books. If you've got a stack of books to read already, I'd skip this one.

  15. I was with Rincewind and Twoflower as they save Discworld from oblivion. (Finished The Light Fantastic today.)

    Now I'm in Jerusalem learning if my discovery is really a scroll written by Jesus. (The Secret Scroll)

    I don't know what's up with me and reading so far this month. Just haven't been doing much. Hope things change for both of us soon.

  16. I have been helping the Camel Bookmobile to deliver books in Africa, (The Camel Bookmobile by Masha Hamilton) and I am in Germany trying to figure out what happened to some Nazi gold. (Trojan's Gold by Elizabeth Peters)

  17. Suziqoregon - I was there just last week! So good!

  18. (I posted this to my blog yesterday, but I wanted to add to the comments, too, since that's sorta the point...just can't do it from work.)

    I laughed when I read your post this morning, because you said "I feel like I'm reading the same books this week that I was reading last week." Well, there's no *feeling* on my part. I am definitely still reading the same things as last week, just a bit further along.

    This morning I was in Pakistan, trying to retrieve my building materials, so I could finally build the school in Korphe. (Three Cups of Tea)

    And before that, I was with Lyra and Will in the Land of the Dead (yeah, I think I've been in the Land of the Dead for at least a week now! I guess that's what happens when you listen to 15-20 minutes per day). (The Amber Spyglass)

    Later on today, I'll be in South Dakota with Shadow and Mr. Wednesday. (American Gods)

    And tonight, I'll be aboard the Never Land learning about starcatchers, and the most unimagingative name for a substance I've ever read in a book, "starstuff." (Peter and the Starcatchers)

  19. I in Iran in a Persian village wih two Jewish girls on the brink of marriage (Persian Brides - Dorit Rabinyan)
    And I'm also in 19th Century London with Sally and her friends trying to solve a mystery which hasn't become completely clear yet (the Shadow of the North - Phillip Pullman).


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