Wednesday, May 7, 2008

WEEKLY GEEKS: linked reviews (week #2)

The theme this week is from darla from Books and Other Thoughts . She links other reviews into her book reviews, which can be a great idea. I've done that when I've given a review to a book I didn't like, but I know other readers who liked it. I linked their review to give another point of view.

I'm not sure how committed I'll be to this, but if you want your review linked up with mine, just drop a note with the link in the comments. I've seen other bloggers who add the link to other reviews into their comments, which is another option to this. Since many people are opening up to this idea, I can see doing it the other way: if I read your review of a book I've read, I would go back and link it into my post after the fact. I'll just leave a comment to let you know. This is what guatami tripathy did for me today with our Yellowknife reviews,and I liked that.


  1. The only review we seem to have in common is:

    I hope you know that I've already linked up to many of your book reviews here:

    Every once in a while I'll quote another reviewer as well, or give kudos when I read a book based upon a bloggers recommendation.

  2. Hi Raidergirl

    We have a couple of reviews in common out of your reads for this year:


    and The Book Thief

  3. We have a few in common as well. Here are links to my reviews:

    The Book Thief

    The Giver

    Booked to Die

    And I've linked yours to mine, too.

    ~Kristi (Passion for the Page)

  4. I left a comment for you under A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. We both reveiwed it. I also read The Giver so when I have time I'll link my review to yours if you dont mind

  5. I've reviewed a few of the same books:
    Housekeeping vs the Dirt
    Reading Lolita in Tehran
    You have a lot more on your list I've read but not reviewed yet; when I do let's link up!


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