Sunday, May 25, 2008

CHALLENGE: Series Challenge Update

This challenge ran from December 1, 2007 until May 31, 2008. I finished three series and read 4 books to continue a series. And 4 books to start new series'. That's not helping.

Shakespeare Mysteries by Charlaine Harris
Shakespeare's Christmas Dec 2007
Shakespeare's Trollop Jan 13, 2008
Shakespeare's Counselor Feb 9, 2008

Gardella Vampire by Colleen Gleason
The Bleeding Dusk Mar 21/08

Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella
Shopaholic & Baby Mar 12/08

continuing series books:
Miss Julia Takes Over by Ann B Ross Mar 28/08
Terra Cotta Dog 2002 (Il cane di terracotta - 1996) by Andrea Camilleri Mar 10/08
Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde Mar 19/08
The Kalahari Typing School for Men by Alexander McCall Smith May 24/08

Series Started:
The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde Jan 25/08
Silence of the Grave (Icelandic: Grafarþögn) by Arnaldur Indridason Feb 08
Booked to Die by John Dunning Feb 3/08
The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale May 10/08

I believe that Kathrin is hosting Series Challenge Season II, from June 1 - December 1, 2008. I'm not sure why a challenge helps a person like me read a particular book, but it seems to give me a focus. I've got a whole blog full of series I'm keeping track of, so there are lots more to read, plus I keep starting new ones.