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WEEKLY GEEKS: Favorite childhood reading memories (week #3)

Favorite Childhood Reading Memories

There are so many parts to this. There are the books that I can remember my parents read to me - particularly Winnie the Pooh. I don't remember learning to read, I just remember reading.

When I came home from grade 1, I started trying to teach my three year old sister to read.I decided if I could read, so should she. I don't think I taught her to read, but I got her to memorize the book, and the word opossum. My books here included Clifford the Big Red Dog, and a book about a Halloween Witch and how to throw a Halloween party. I would be remiss if I didn't also mention the famous book my mom bought my sister and me: Free to Be, You and Me. What a great collection!

Next phase: chapter books, but we didn't call them that. I loved going to the library and picking out books and bringing a pile home. I really only remember the books I owned, as these are ones that were read over and over again.

Bobbsey Twins mysteries [I didn't do Nancy Drew or Hardy boys]
Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder
This Can't be Happening at MacDonald Hall, and the rest of the series by Gordon Korman
The Great Brain, and the rest of the books by JD Fitzgerald
anything by Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary
The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton
Scholastic Books from the book order like: Follow My Leader, Amy's Room, something about Terri and she started a babysitting business?

There was this book in the elementary school library, and I think it was called Why Me? It was about a girl who developed diabetes, and so did her yellow lab dog and she tries to save it. Does anybody remember this book? Or did anyone else read it? I know I borrowed it several times and read it more than once.

Another book I vaguely remember was about two young kids whose older brothers and sisters go away, probably to school. They leave a series of clues to keep the youngsters amused, with a mystery to solve. It was set in older times, because there was a carriage house with a horse buggy. At one point, the siblings have to help them find a clue, subtly, when they were home for a holiday. Anyone? anyone?

I'm sure people are wondering where Anne of Green Gables is. I don't think I read Anne until I was well into my teens. For my teenage reading I jumped right into teenager issue books like The Outsiders, anorexic girls, alcoholic boys, or Danielle Steele and Stephen King. I don't think Young Adult was a genrewhen I was young, and I wouldn't have read Newbery winner-type books. I remember having Jacob, Have I Loved but I thought it was very boring.
Best assigned novel to read in school: Cue for Treason, a Shakespearean novel

Thanks for reading my trip down reading memory lane. I had fun thinking of my favorite books, and I know I left a ton out. Like you other bookworms, I read so many books over the years it's hard to pick the best, or my favorite. Even now, I'm remembering more books and resisting writing more into this post. My mother had this old red fairy tale book that we loved to look at, and read some of the stories, but we usually ended up at the limerick section, ... and I could keep going.


  1. What was the word 'opposum' from?! Now that you say it, I remember it, but I don't know why. (the printed word doesn't express my feelings of remembering this word)

    Cindy Hicks was almost six and home almost alone,
    Except for her big sister who was upstairs on the phone.
    "It's a perfect time to bake a cake while everyone is gone,"
    Cindy said as she rolled up her sleeves and tied her apron on."

  2. I loved the Little House on the Prairie too!! Oh, and The Boxcar Children! What fun memories of reading those books bring.

  3. I really loved the books by Enid Blyton like The Magic Faraway Tree and the Wishing Chair books. Pure Magic.

  4. c - It was a little picture book, maybe about animals living in the woods. I remember trying teaching you to read it, in the dining room in Truro. Under the table? That's neat you have an association with the word. Do you still have the Cindy Hicks book?

    bethany - I'm trying to get my daughter to read the Little House books, but she isn't interested, yet!

    marg - I'm sure Blyton was the beginning of my enjoyment of British books. They just imprint a lifestyle on the brain that beomes fascinating.

  5. Oh, these brought back some memories. I'd forgotten all the Enid Blyton I devoured over the years. I remember the Faraway Tree and there were the Wishing Chair books too, that were kind of similar. And I loved the MacDonald Hall books. They were just so funny.

  6. Oh yes, I agree that the Macdonald Hall books are great, and appeal to boys as well. I forgot about Cue for Treason! I read in grade 8 and loved it, too. Just like you, I keep thinking of more and more I could add!

  7. I too remember reading several books that meant a lot to me at the time (ever read them more than once), but I can't remember the authors or titles!

    I'd forgotten about The Boxcar Children! Looooved them. I guess I liked too many books to remember them all. Kind of like now :o)

  8. kerry - I know I read more Blyton than just the Far Away Tree, bu tI read it the most. The MacDonald Hall books are still excellent.

    melanie - You read Cue for Treason too? It was such a great intro to Shakespeare.

    terri - What are the Boxcar Children? I don't remember reading them.

  9. Oh yes, the Bobbsey Twins! I forgot about those. I enjoyed those as well. I think my favorite was either when they were on the houseboat or the Candy Castle one. I also liked the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary.

  10. twiga - I remember one with a ladybug. Ramona is still popular as my 8 year old has read them. Junie B is a lot like Ramona was.

  11. Woo hoo, Gordon Korman!! I knew we'd have at least one in common. :) My dad read me some of my mom's old Bobbsey twins books but honestly, the fun part was making fun of their relentless good cheer. Maybe I was a bit too old for them by the time we got around to reading them.

  12. To my shame, I am yet to read Anne of Green Gables! And I simply love any book by Enid Blyton. Even now!

    Childhood Memories

  13. Oh! The Bobbsey Twins! And Clifford! And Follow My Leader! Loved 'em!

  14. tiny - it wasn't surprising that we had some of the same books. Everyone should read Korman. He still wirtes books - I got my son Schooled for his birthday, but i haven't read it yet.

    guatami - This is th eperfect year ot read Anne - it's the 100th anniversary of its publication.

    suey - You read Follow the Leader? I loved that book and I didn't know if anyone would recognize it as it was just a Scholastic publication. I gave it to my son to read this year. i had an original Bobbsey Twin book, before they were updated to the 70s and with no mystery, just a book aobut their life. Definately not PC though.


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