Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, where are you?

Where do you get your books? I am a big library girl, and my library has a great online service, where I can keep lists (lists!) of books I want to read, and see if they are in the library or another provincial library and when it will become available. More recently, I've been acquiring books by haunting the second hand book sales. There were two sales this month so I have really stocked up. My other method of acquiring books is through the internet. I wish our Canada Post wasn't so expensive; when I see the postage my American friends pay to send a book I turn green with envy. Book bloggers are so generous to send their books along, and between them and receiving books for reviewing from publishers or authors or LibraryThing it seems I am getting a book in the mail fairly often. I seldom pay full price for novels.

In reading, I am in 1964 South Carolina learning all the secrets about bees. What a great book so far! I don't know what I thought it would be about, but so far I am quite absorbed with poor Lily and her sad life. Where is reading taking you today?



  1. I get a lot of books from the used book store. I get credit for the books I trade in.

    Today I'm in India reading about the troubles of ordinary people (A Fine Balance).

  2. I go through phases: Lots of library, then lots of bookstore. But when I buy I tend to buy new. Bad for the finances, which is what usually sparks the next library phase. . . :-)

    I'm in Tel Aviv. I just found out my wife was the latest suicide bomber. (The Attack by Yasmina Khadra)

    Have a good day!

  3. I'm in 1970 Palo Alto, CA. I'm reading The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton. I started it yesterday morning and read over 160 pages! (that's a lot for me in one day)

  4. I have The Secret Life of Bees in my current line-up, glad to hear liking it!

    I am in a strange military run world called Malonia. There is also a gate which the powerful ones can transverse which takes them to a country called England. A really good YA fantasy called "The Eyes of the King" .

  5. I live in a dream world. I actually get to order books for the library!Like a kid owning a candy store. :)

    I'm on the sunnyside of the mountain in North Carolina watching Jim Glass make his move on Bucky Bucklaw's girl.

  6. I'm in an RV traveling to a season's worth of Alabama football games with Warren St. John as he explores the culture of college football fans and the RVers who travel to the games. Rammer Jammer Yelllow Hammer: A Road Trip into the Heart of Fan Mania is just a fun book for any college football fan.

    As for my books - I'm lucky enough to live in Portland so I can shop at Powells in person for used and new books. I'm also lucky enough to have access to two very execellent library systems (Multnomah County and Washington County Oregon) so I get nearly half my books (all of my audiobooks) from the library.

  7. I get books mostly from the library, used book sales, and discounts at the book store. I have yet to figure out the ARC thing and the Library Thing thing and other such fun stuff. I do get a few books form paperbackswap though!

    As for "where I'm at".... I'm in New York hunting for what else... vampires! Only in this book by Scott Westerfeld, they are called Peeps.:)

  8. I rarely buy a book anymore at full price, if I do it's usually for Maya, or non-fiction and something I really, really want.

    Today, I am in 17th century Persia with a young girl who is down on her luck. Without a dowry, she is at the mercy of her uncle and his wife to find her a good marriage match. In the meantime, she is unlocking her latent talents as a Persian rug design under the tutelage of her uncle. (The Blood of Flowers by ANita Amirrezvani)

  9. I get a lot of my reads from bookcrossing.com, they are usually sent to me as part of a bookring then I send them to the next person on the list. A great way of saving money. I tend to avoid bookshops as over here they are about double the price that is paid in the US. If I'm buying books I tend to use good old Amazon. However having over 300 unread books on my tbr pile I really should stop buying anybooks at all.

    As to where I am, I'm in 1960s London with a migrant Chinese family just stepping into getting themselves in gang trouble (Sour Sweet - Mo) and still walking the Appalachian Trail with Bill Bryson (A Walk in the Woods).

  10. I'm in a dead forest, north of Kiev (yes, Russia). My companions are an old wizard, a young wizard-in-training, a street-wise skeptic of all things magical, and various "Things" (spirits) -- a Yard-Thing, a House-Thing, a Forest-Thing, etc. Oh, and I mustn't forget the rusalka (ghost). This is one of C.J. Cherryh's creations titled Rusalka.

    To find out where I get my books, please go to my blog (I fear I got a little bit too chatty to copy and paste it all here!).
    It's Tuesday, Where are You?

  11. I'm a big fan of the library as well. As a student, my funds always tend to be low, and I don't like to buy new books unless I've already read them and loved them.

    Lately, though, I've discovered library book sales, and have bought a few used books I haven't read but which are on my to-read list.

    Today, I have just left the funeral of Malcolm X - Ossie Davis gave a touching eulogy (The Autobiography of Malcolm X) - and am about to return to Lansing, Kansas for the trial of two murderers (In Cold Blood).

  12. I love that you asked this question! Just yesterday on my blog I asked what type of books people enjoy reading as far as hardcover, paperback, mass market paperback etc. I'm really into all the little details like this!

    I get my books from: used book stores, half price books mostly (the dollars section!) borders with a coupon, library book sales, bookmooch, and amazon. i used to check out lots of books from the library but i've been trying to stop myself so i read the books i've actually purchased! it's hard though when the library has something really really good i want to read!

    Right now I'm in La Push, Washington with Bella and Jacob (a little more than half way through New Moon)!

  13. Here's my response for today:


  14. I'm a used book sale fiend, recently turned ARC addict - Library Thing keeps feeding my addiction. ;-)

    This week in reading, I just left Victorian England where I was busy transporting my friends back and forth from magical realms which, unfortunately, were not too safe (A Great and Terrible Beauty). Now I'm heading to Pakistan with Greg Mortensen to set up some schools in impoverished areas (Three Cups of Tea).

  15. I'm a library person too. I rarely buy a book anymore (unless it's from a library sale or a used store). Once in a great while.
    And like you, I seem to be getting a lot of review books. That's a good thing!!

  16. chris - I loved that book. Sad, but amazing. I need to start taking books to the used book store instead of just taking out of the store.

    lezlie - I recognize that cycle! I read the first Khadra, I didn't realize there was a trilogy of sorts. I'll add the others to my library list!

    kylee - I've heard a bit of buzz about The Wednesday Sisters. I love finding a book I can't put down.

    nicola - Malonia sounds fantastic.

  17. maggie - you do have the best job ever! Do people really have names like Bucky Bucklaw in SC?

    suziq - that might be the best title of a book ever. I hear about Powells, but it isn't any where around here.

    suey - I enjoyed Westerfeld's first book Uglies. Vampires are a new book genre for me: I've only read the Colleen Gleason ones.

    nyssaneala - 17th century Persia sounds so interesting. After reading Persepolis, I think I'd like to learn more about that area's history.

  18. katrina - It's so frustrating to see the different prices on books that different countries pay. Postage is so crazy here, I don't know how much I'd save sending books to people versus getting the books sent.
    I imagine it would be fun to walk the trail with Bill Bryson.

    terri b - If I order online, I'm all about the free shipping. That book sounds pretty wild. Fantasy books always seem to blurb weirdly.

    bookloversdiary - welcome, Ooh, In Cold Blood. That was an amazing book, so well detailed. Have you seen the movie, Truman, which is about the writing of that book?

    justareadingfool - welcome to you. Are you a pirate as well? cool. I wasn't that into Stardust, I'm not sure why, but it just didn't grab me. It's only been recently that I started accumulating a physical TBR pile. Mine was always virtual.

  19. alea - I must be one of the last people left who hasn't read Twilight. I like paperbacks. I think I really like used books that are already worn in, and have been loved before.

    somer - I so want to read The Book of Lost Things, i hear great things aobut it.

    megan - Both of your books sound good. I see lots of high school students reading A Great and Terrible Beauty. It's very thick!

    stephainie - books in the mail are a great thing!

  20. Thanks for the welcome, raidergirl3. I have to get used to checking back in on comments on Blogger, because I don't have any way of being notified...so if I don't get back to you right away, please don't take it personally. :) And a pirate? Was that because of my strange language? Or am I not far enough along in Stardust to get the reference? Or is that the reference to my book being Ulysses and that strange photo of Joyce? Anyway, I guess the short answer is yes, I like to be a bit of a rogue. ;)

  21. Oh my goodness that is a lot of comments--I'm a little behind in my blogging, but for a minute I thought I was a few days behind as well! :) I just left Newfoundland to travel across the ocean to Netherlands (The Shipping News and Anne Frank Remembered).

    To answer your question, I pick up *most* of my books at my library's annual booksale (which is fantastic!). I try to get most of the others used, but sometimes I have to break down and head to Barnes and Noble for a shiny new copy.

  22. I'm a library fiend - and luckily I get to borrow from the university where I work (up to 40 books, versus the public libraries where you only get a miserable 4).

    I'm in France, just before the Germans arrive (Suite Francaise).

  23. I'm not born yet, but my Greek grandparents are also close relatives who decided to marry each other. They've just immigrated to Detroit. It's 1922.


  24. To be honest, I am not 100% sure where I am! It's in a fantasy land where there are two neighbouring countries that appear to be going to war with each other. (The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie)

    In the other book I am reading I am in 1600s America, having just arrived from the Carribean (The Witch at Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare)

  25. justareadingfool - Only pirates and the Irish be talking like that.

    trish - gotta love the library sales. Our newspaper holds a book sale each year to raise funds for literacy, and it is a great spot. I won the 50/50 at work the day I was planning to go to that sale, woo hoo.

    olduvai - I have my town library, but the limit is much more than 4, plus I work in a high school, so that's another library, and we teachers load up on books for the summer. It's a shame to see those books just sit there for two months.

    bybee - I really liked Middlesex, such a sweeping epic.

    marg - lots of fantasy books in the comments this week. Enjoy

  26. Just saw your comment back to me - sorry for the delayed response.

    I haven't seen Truman - in fact, I've never even heard about it, but it certainly sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.


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