Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, Where are You?

Definitely in Olympic withdrawl. The Winter Olympics are so much more managable to watch. I think that is why they are so much fun. Less events, less athletes, less medals. It seemed like you could keep track of all the events, be familiar with all the medalists no matter what your country. It allowed you to watch sports you aren't familiar with (Ski Cross?) or to watch a whole game (curling) without feeling like you are missing something somewhere else. Plus, BC with its Pacific time zone made it possible to watch the end of most events, although in the Atlantic, that meant a number of 1:00AM nights, but it was worth it once every four years to see the medalists. All in all, the Olympics were an amazing experience, and everyone I've talked to loved watching them all the time. And everyone is so proud to be Canadian!

Still taking suggestions until tomorrow for the Bookwords Game, then Suey should have some voting. There are a number of suggestions already, keep 'em coming.

In reading, I am in the lovely English village of Edgecombe St Mary, and Major Pettigrew is somewhat smitten with Mrs Ali, the Pakistani shopkeeper. How far will he go against local and family opinions to find love? I couldn't decide whether to devour or savour this book; I opted for savour I was having such a great time. (Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, by Helen Simonson)

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