Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BOOKS: Foreign Affairs and Vernon God Little

Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre, 276 pages

Book Awards IV: Man Booker 2003

The first half of the book was absurd - a teenage boy stuck in a Texas town with no single person looking out for him who is a survivor and friend of the dead shooter in a high school massacre. It was humorous beneath the horrible stuff. I guess it's a comment on American society and values and satirical and it is pretty scathing. The second half of the book was better for me, as Vernon is put on trial as the scapegoat. The narration voice became more lucid and readable. Still absurd, but more satisfying.

Prize winner? It certainly makes a statement, but it's not your usual Booker, and readers who don't like bad language should be warned.

Foreign Affairs by Alison Lurie, 290 pages

Book Awards IV: Pulitzer Prize 1985

This felt a little dated, but was a pleasant enough read. Two American English professors from the same university, a young male and a middle-aged female, are off on sabbatical to London. The male is coming off a marriage gone bad and not looking forward to England. The unmarried female loves her time and life in London, she rather lives a different life, can be a different person in London. Each of them find an unlikely love and have an affair. That's about it, but it was a quaint look at different lives and what love can do, for better or for worse.

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