Sunday, March 14, 2010

ETC: Sunday Musings

Pi Day nearly always occurs during our March Break, so we don't get to have any type of celebration in physics class. I always do a lab at the first of the year where the students measure the diameter and circumference of an assortment of lids from containers and then graph the circumference versus the diameter. The slope is pi! I love that lab.

The I Like and I Don’t Like Meme

Laura from laurasmusings tagged me for this. The rules are simple: fill in the blanks after each bold word and tag 3 friends. Here we go …

I like books :)
I like chocolate.
I like shoes.
I like scallops and bacon, and scallops wrapped in bacon.
I like playing the Wii.
I like watching TV shows like The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Modern Family.
I like the idea of going to the beach.
I like a glass of red wine with friends.
I like watching curling and basketball.
I like changing into comfortable clothes (fat clothes) when I get home.
I like talking fast.
I like teaching about the wonders of physics.
I love watching my kids grow and learn and become such interesting people.
Today was a day to believe spring is right around the corner.
I hate sand under my fingernails.
I hate nails on a chalkboard.
I hate raisins in muffins, but not in cereal.
I hate cleaning.
I hate a show that is to be continued.
I hate being late.
I hate that I don't get to travel very much.
I hate getting up early in the morning.
I (secretly) like airline food.
I love my family.

And now I will pass this on to three others: tiny librarian at tiny little reading room, chris at bookarama, and kristina at kristina's favorites.

Happy Birthday to Albert Einstein! He was born on Pi Day, a very interesting coincidence, even though he didn't believe in coincidences. How disturbing is this picture? Here's a link to the first book review I posted on this blog, Einstein's Dreams, one of my favorite books of all time. Has anyone else read Einstein's Dreams?