Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GAME: The Bookword Game (sticky post)

I've had a few bloggers I've met and then followed because of our taste in books. A long time ago, there was a challenge called Something About Me, and I met a few Bookmates that way. Hey, did you see how I did that and dropped in the new bookword for a person with the same taste in books as yourself? That's how easy this Bookword Game is.

So, Bookmate is the word, suggested by Julie, for the person with the same taste in books as you. Thanks Julie! It's quite a perfect word, because after reading some of Suey's lists of her favorite books, I knew that I had found a Bookmate.

On to the next word. One of our 'fans' suggested this one: There is a particular sort of novel of which I always profess to be passionately fond: the sort with one plotline in the olden days with people doing their olden-day thing, and one in the present with eager scholars researching the very olden-day events in the other plotline. There you go - a book with plots in the olden days, and in the present day, with people looking into the olden days time. I'm pretty sure the book I read called The Tenth Gift is this kind of book. Suggestions in the comments please, and a poll next week at Suey's.

(oh, my. I'm sure someone else could have worded that more elegantly, but it just shows that we need a word for this, instead of letting people like me try to describe it)