Saturday, January 5, 2008


It's Buy a Friend a Book Week! Hey now, settle down, I'm not giving away a book yet. But there are some other generous souls out there in blogland, like Dewey and Rhinoa. They would love to give away a book or two. Head on over to their blogs to enter.
Dewey is giving an additional challenge of coming up with a good name for the draw, as her teenage son picks the name he likes best. I've been working all day to come up with something. Rhinoa tries to let her cats pick, so think catnip when you comment at her site.


  1. I like the new design, but where's the tequila? =)


  2. I'm pretty sure my son would also find CATNIP an appealing name, as one of his great joys in life is to give the cat catnip and then accuse her of being HIGH all day. When really she just sleeps all day. Like usual. Also, I don't know if Jill went to too many holiday parties or what, but if you're giving away tequila, please put my name in the drawing.

  3. jill - margarita anyone?

    dewey - I put a note in the footer of bloglines about tequila. I just squeezed the limes, so here you go. cheers!

  4. Dewey - I didn't go to enough holiday parties! =) Thanks for the 'rita!


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