Wednesday, January 16, 2008

BOOK: The Case of the Missing Books by Ian Sansom

The Case of the Missing Books by Ian Sansom

a mobile library mystery

themed reading challenge

Israel Armstrong accepts a job as a librarian in Ireland. Things aren't exactly as they first seemed, as Israel is actually the librarian of the mobile library, and all the books, 15,000, are actually missing. And Israel is a bit of a boob.

The mystery is cute and there are funny passages as Israel tries to adapt to a very different life - he's a Jewish, vegetarian from big city London, used to coffee, papers, and civilization trying to live in a very small village with people who aren't very accommodating to him.

I found the interactions with Israel, while meant to be funny and show his ineptness could be a little uncomfortable. His boss in particular was so bossy and pushy, I found it difficult to believe it could happen, even to Israel. It is his job to find the missing books? Without calling the police? I realize it was necessary for the plot, and to set this up as a series, but it just seemed unfair. Maybe I took some of this a little too seriously, and it was meant to be more of a farce.

Final Verdict: cute little book, interesting characters, and the setting was great. There are more books coming in this mystery series which I might read, but it will be a library mystery book for me, not a buy it book. I'm not rushing to get the next book, but I would eventually read it.
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Question: why do I have such trouble getting spaces in my blog spot entries? If I write a post, with spaces between paragraphs, and then post after preview, I never get my spaces. I have to save the draft, close the post, and then reenter through a draft/edit post, to get my spaces. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions, or am I doing all I can?
In other news, another storm day! School was cancelled yesterday because of the impending storm, which never arrived, until today, so we are home again. Lots of correcting getting done, and a bit of reading too. A few panicked emails from students wondering on the status of their test that was supposed to be tomorrow (it is Friday) On the one hand, a storm day is great, but on the other hand, we only have next week before final exams, so the pressure will be on to cover the last chapter of material.


  1. I write my post with paragraphs, then go to "Edit Html" and add the space by "entering" where I want the line space. It's indicated with some sort of jibber, so the already chosen paragraphs are easy to find.

    Also line spacing is messed up when the program automatically changes the code to p blah, blah, blah, so I change all the p's to div and I have more control of spacing.

  2. joy - thanks, I'll try that. I have learned so much about codes since I started blogging, I shock myself.

  3. I have the same problem with spacing. Irritating and frustrating!
    I laughed out loud at "Israel was a boob" ~ good review.

  4. I'm also having a problem with spacing between's either none or too much.

  5. I've found that if I do all my typing in "Edit Html" mode it works great. Stay in that mode, even when entering pictures. I only go to compose when I want to change the color a text and I only do that before I've put in the code for a picture. I've had no problems since I started doing that.

  6. paula - he was a boob! It's weird that everyone seems to have the same problems with the spacings.

    bybee - exactly!!

    pam - thanks for the suggestion.

  7. I enjoyed this book--it made me laugh and that was just what I needed when I read it. I haven't yet read anything else by this author, but I plan to.

  8. I read this one over the summer. I did like it but it must not have stuck with me very well because I haven't picked up another one in the series. Here's my review:

  9. wendy - it was humorous, but some of it felt a little forced to me.

    bookgal - it certainly felt like it was setting up the series. And although the mystery was small, I think it was more about the characters.


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