Monday, January 28, 2008

CHALLENGE: Jane Austen Mini Challlenges

Mansfield Park

I would like to read the book now for this one, but I will have to get the image of Fanny out of my head, because this actress was just too jarring. The hair, the frown, smile, and the eyebrows just didn't fit with the times. It wasn't all bad, but it wasn't as good as Northanger Abbey and my new boyfriend, Henry Tilman.

I liked the parents in this one, not Fanny's, but Edmund's. And Edmund was good, almost good looking, but his sudden love of Fanny was quite abrupt. I wish there had been more with the sister's, Mariah and Julia, and that poor servant, Mrs Norris, who got put out on her ear when she didn't love Fanny enough. Mrs Norris reminded me of the cat from Harry Potter who patrols the halls. (I just read that JK Rowling named that cat after this character. Cool)

There seems to be so much to cover in the Austen movies that things happen abruptly. And unfortunately, with the changing times, it is hard to buy the whole 'cousins in love' aspect to the story. Ick. I liked the brother and sister who tried to marry into the family and provided some comic relief. I browsed a bit at the TWoP forum for Masterpiece, and I gather there were some radical departures in Fanny's character for this version, so it is just as well that I haven't read the book first.

Still looking forward to the Pride and Prejudice show.


  1. I didn't watch this one because I hadn't read the book. The other movies were pretty good so far.

  2. Like Chris, I would like to read the book before seeing the movie version, but after reading your thoughts, I'm even more sure I'd prefer to do it that way.

  3. chris and wendy - it's doubtful I'll read any Austen any time soon, so the movies will have to do for me. I'm just making a mental list of which ones I *might* read.

  4. We seem to share similar opinions about Sunday night's Mansfield Park. After watching, I had decided I wouldn't bother reading this one. Ever. But I went to the site you linked to and now I want to know more about Mrs. Norris - so maybe I'll have to.

    I love your reviews - so well expressed.

  5. This was my least favorite of Austen's books because Fanny seems unchanged from the beginning of the novel to the end. It was a relief to go on to Emma -- like someone had pulled the curtains and opened the windows and let sunshine and air into a stuffy room.

  6. booklogged - MP certainly wasn't as wonderful as Northanger Abbey, but I liked that book a lot, so maybe that is influencing me. TWoP is pretty snarky, they don't hold anything back. thanks

    bybee - I think I liked the Fanny in the movie, the book Fanny sounds so repressed. I started Emma once, but Austen just goes on so much...
    I think I'll like the movie better.

  7. Argh! Forgot all about it and we actually like the actress, Billie Piper. Darn.

  8. bookfool - I don't think I've seen Billie Piper before. The show was ok.

  9. Billie Piper played Rose on the new Dr Who from BBC, which is a must-see tv in our household. Even the youngest at age 3, when he went to the doctor in December, asked if he was going to see Dr Who!! one reason I wanted to see this version of Mansfield Park was to see how Billie Piper did in the role, since she was so good as Rose. But, as you know from my blog, it was missed, and I've finally got here to see your review and thank you, thank you, you made me feel like they left out too much so the movie and characters didn't fit properly. You can have Henry Tilman, though he is cute, I want Mr Darcy!!! I think i have to fight hordes of women next week though.....I did like that version of Northanger Abbey very much, and think I might pick up up for my collection. I was too sick for Jane Austen this week (I watched Buffy and X-files instead as I lay on the couch), but I am so glad they are on Sunday nights! How's your weather there? we got almost another foot on Friday night last, spent Saturday digging....and it's gray and snowy all this week, perfect for books! I'm glad to see you're buying books too, I'm trying to ration myself but it's not working. soon I'll be blaming the lack of sunlight/Feb blues, good excuse for at least one big book binge, don't you think??


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