Thursday, January 3, 2008

CHALLENGE: The Mini-Challenge 2008

Sponsored by group owner, Wendy (caribousmom)

1. Complete all twelve mini-challenges from January 1st through December 31st of 2008 and become eligible for some fun prizes at the end of the year. DO NOT start this challenge prior to January 1, 2008.
2. Challenges may be completed in any order and may overlap other challenges. Work through them at your own speed.
3. Participants must EITHER post their progress (and reviews if appropriate) to their blog with links to this group OR directly to this group.
4. After completing each challenge, go to the database and record the completion date in the correct column next to your name.

Here are the challenges: (bolded when completed, and linked where possible)

1. Read a short story - review it "Making Love While the Kettle Boils" - Kate Sutherland Feb 20
2. Read a children's book - review it From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler
3. Read a poem - tell us about itTribute to Terry Fox Jan 25
4. Read a banned book - review it The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler Feb 19
5. Give a book away (you may donate to charity, give a book to a friend, leave a book "in the wild" to be found by another long as you do not sell it!) - post why you chose the book you did and where it went sent Buying a Fishing Rod for my Grandfather and Elizabeth Costello to edith_jones
6. Read two (2) articles from any one magazine - tell us about them Babble an online parenting magazine
7. Read a classic (for this challenge a classic is defined as a piece of literature which has stood the test of time, has literary merit, is widely read, and was published prior to 1970) - review it The Plague
8. Go to a book event and then tell the group about your experience (book events may be library events, author readings, seminars/lectures pertaining to books or reading, etc...) Budge Wilson author reading
9. Read an essay - tell us about it Housekeeping vs The Dirt by Hornby
10. Read something inspirational - tell the group why it inspired you This Blinding Absence of Light by Tahar Ben Jelloun
11. Read a book written by a "new-to-you" author - review it The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde
12. Participate in a group or buddy read and discussion (this can be either a face to face book club, an on line group, or a blog/buddy read). Tell the group what you read and with whom; give us a review! Read Heidi with Nana and Rachel


  1. I am looking forward to completing the elements of this challenge. I am behind on my blogging because I went back to work this week. =)

  2. jill - School doesnt' start until Monday, but i have some tests I should look at before then. This little challenge is so manageable and make you think about a lot of kinds of reading. Wendy was pretty ingeneous on this one.


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