Sunday, January 13, 2008


Look what I got! That cutie Caper Chris from book-a-rama gave me this award. What a great way to start the year. Here's the citation:

"So, the point (and I do have one) to this post is motivated by my desire to hand some of that love and kindness back around to those who have been so very, very, very good to me in this bloggy world. My hope is that those who receive this award will pass it on to those who have been very, very, very good to them as well. It's a big kiss, of the chaste platonic kind, from me to you with the underlying 'thanks' message implied. I really do appreciate your support and your friendship and yes, your comments. ... Mwah!"

I have to pass this on to a few people, but this is really hard. I'll just pick a few people, but there are more, many more wonderful bloggy friends. It's always exciting to see a comment from them, because they are insightful, funny, and friendly. They were the first encouraging people I met in the lit-blogosphere, and I try to pass on that same helpfulness to new bloggers I meet.
They are also all very generous - I think they have all sent me something, all the way to PEI...

3M at 1morechapter - because she was so nice when I barged into her decades challenge, and helped me feel so comfortable in the reading groups she organizes at yahoo.

booklogged at a reader's journal - I blame/thank her for my immersion into the world of reading challenges with the Classics Reading Challenge last winter, and she's the first blogger I met in real life, and it wasn't scary at all!

literary feline at musings of a bookish kitty - wendy reads the best books, and I think we quite similar reading tastes. I look at her blog and organizing a lot, and copy her shamelessly.

bookfool at bookfoolery and babble - she probably needs a mwah now, and her Chunkster challenge was one of my first reading challenges.

wendy at caribousmom - was one of the first people to comment on my blog, and I followed her around, getting my feet under me for quite a while.
So thanks to all you talented, amazing friends I've met, and a big mwah from me!


  1. Mwah! right back at you. Thanks for passing this along to me. You are such a sweetheart. I will always cherish memories of our visit. Here's hoping that it will happen again.

  2. Thank you so much! And as Booklogged said, Mwah right back at you. :-)

    I enjoy visiting your blog too. You have good taste in books.

  3. Nicely done, raidergirl. Stephanie the bookaholic gave me a Mwah! and I haven't even posted it yet!

    You picked some of my very favorite bloggers. :)

  4. booklogged - your welcome!

    wendy - thanks, to you!

    kookie - I knew Stephanie picked you already, or you would have been included too! It's an amazing group of ladies, for sure.

  5. Oh, I am so remiss in not thanking you!! Thank you so much :) I'm glad to have you following me around *big grin*

  6. Why, thank you! I'm just working on my You Make My Day post (I'm slow; I confess) and you're gonna be one of the bloggers who makes my day *anyway* but MWAH! right back at ya! How sweet! Now you've really double-made my day. :)


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