Thursday, December 18, 2008

BLOGGING: Book Bloggers Christmas Swap

I got home from a long day of entertaining teenagers as they think "we shouldn't be doing anything so close to Christmas, and if we aren't doing anything then we shouldn't be there" type of circular logic to find a package for me. I took no thought of not opening it and ripped right into it. Yah, it was from my Secret Santa, Molly at Restless Reader. Molly must have been browsing around here, because she picked out perfect gifts for me, better than I might have myself. I love that Molly lives in New York City, and I imagine her strolling around some neat little store in the Big Apple picking out something for me.

Can you see what I got? I got the book Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez, a delightful looking nonfiction memoir; two bookmarks - one is called book jewelry; a small notepad which looks homemade, made of book covers; and a short story called "The Drawer" by Aleksandar Hemon. It is a little pamphlet, individually published. I think more short stories should be published like this. It looks so old-fashioned! Very cool!

So thank you to Molly, you picked perfectly. I know it isn't easy to buy for someone you don't know, but you hit it perfectly. Merry Christmas to you, and thank you to Nymeth, and of course Dewey, for bringing us all together.


  1. Great gifts! I particularly like the bookmark on the left :)

  2. What a wonderful treasure to come home to! I hope you enjoy your new goodies. :-)


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