Friday, December 12, 2008

BOOK: Christmas Stories edited by Alberto Manguel

Christmas Stories edited by Alberto Manguel

Winter Holiday Reading Challenge hosted by bookinhand

A collection of short stories, from around the world, by some very well known authors. Writers like John Cheever, Mavis Gallant, Graham Greene, Alistair MacLeod, Alice Munro, Vladimir Nabokov, Jeanette Winterson. Pretty impressive crowd. And the countries represented? Japan, Nicaragua, Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Argentina, England, USA, Australia.

Like most collections, some stories resonated with me more, others I skipped. Not all were explicity Christmas and I liked the world view. I'm not sure I often 'get' short stories, and a few didn't tie up enough to satisfy, but all in all, enough good ones to enjoy, if not remember, since the book has been returned to the library.